My Awakening Story

I am going to share my awakening experiences here, not because I think I am unusual or gifted, but to generate more sharing of these. I think we each have so much to give one another and sharing some of the spiritual highlights of our life really connects us to each other and to the Greater Whole, the One.

So here is my story.

It is a little long, but here goes. In 1969 I had just finished a year of grad school in Molecular Genetics, but was a passionate Anti-war Activist. I moved, with my newly married wife, to San Francisco and began working at Pacific Bell, building power plants in phone buildings. My foreman on the job told me, on the second day, that he knew I was coming. I said “how.” He began to tell me how he had seen space ships up close in the 50s and had begun to get clairaudient messages, leading him into metaphysics. He would be told where the ships would be and then find that the Air Force had posted radar sightings after the fact. His past life memories had returned to him, and he began practicing Huna of the Hawaiians and had done some pretty phenomenal things. Needless to say, now I was really interested even though I had become quite the radical activist at the time. He told me that he had been a Viking a number of lives, and he still looked like one. He said that in the 9th century he had kidnapped me, as a child, from Ireland and had taken me back to Norway on one of their raiding parties. That night I remembered the whole thing. The fear, the sights and smells everything.

Now I was really listening. He told me the Star People were here because the Earth was going to go through an enormous transformation, and that the leader of the Star People was Jesus called Sananda. Again the knowing came and I was overcome with tears. The feelings of revolution left me immediately. He also told me that they had told him, years before, that I was coming and to tell me “everything.” He gave me hundreds of books to read on spirituality, UFO encounters, shamanism, astrology, Huna. I began channeling quickly. First Star People, then Archangels, then Sananda. I would be told things and then they would come to pass later. I was told that I had most often been a Shaman/Prophet type, and that I needed to round out my experiences here before Ascension. I would be guided into a number of things I had not done before.

I learned auto mechanics, carpentry, and electrical work. Then I taught school in East Los Angeles. I went back to the phone company as Data Tech and moved into upper management. I also taught management classes and ran large operations in the San Francisco area. From there I took an early retirement and moved to Oregon, managed a resort, remarried 2 more times, single parented 5 children, even delivered one of them. We have lived in Bryce and Zion Canyon National parks, more motel and teaching jobs, and drove buses in Zion Canyon. None of these jobs were familiar to me so I had to learn to listen within for Guidance all the time. Finally my 3rd wife and I, another wonderful starseed, have retired and have been playing for the last 7 years. Kayaking, hiking, camping, cross country skiing, etc.

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