Why Is It Taking So Long? Are the Channels Wrong? Some Thoughts.

Why Is It Taking So Long? Are the Channels Wrong? Some Thoughts.

Learning to Follow Our Hearts. Several Thoughts. When a channel truly connects with the Higher Dimensions they are connecting to the NOW. So information they get is timeless. When I started “receiving” in this life, Ascension appeared to be headed toward the Millennium (2000). That Plan was apparently changed by Prime Creator when the Annunaki changed sides in the Truce brought by AA Michael. The opportunity then that many many more could, and would, Ascend into 5D. As a personal aside, I had received many very clear pictures of my personal future and based my life choices on them. When the visions came in the early 70s it seemed immediate. All the experiences needed to happen for All, but different than I originally expected. Yet the information was there, I just wasn’t ready to hear it. I share this because many channels have had similar experiences. Secondly, the dark have many paid disinformation experts putting out misinformation to generate fear and deception. They know their demise is imminent but is dependent on Population Awareness.

The Galactics and Angels do operate on the Prime Directive in that they will not force the population into violent upheavals for change. So timing is based on Awakenings. That is, in essence, why so many Starseeds and Human Angels have come to the Planet, to raise the vibration in Unconditional Love. But even for those coming from very loving dimensions, coming to 3D Earth takes a while for them to reawaken and get back on track. We are, at last, in the True New Earth timing. As to the PPP and GCR, countless attempts by the dark to delay and molest it have been evident. That interference, too, is now ready to go away.

Why would true channels seem to be so wrong on timing? Because when one puts out an idea it takes time for many to pick up on it, share it and see the need, and inevitability, of the change and therefore embrace it as their own. Meanwhile most need to go through their own fears and insecurities to move into True knowing and Faith. In this time, the Great Higher Energies are bringing in so much Higher Love that it causes our buried subconscious fears to surface. Those can then be healed Lovingly by us as we move into the Ascension pattern of Higher Unconditional Love.

The Divine Plan is really not about just having more prosperity. It is about healing our fears and moving us back into Oneness and Love. When in that Higher State, we create instantly and automatically… not really desirable when our fears, angers and frustrations dominate our inner feelings. So, ironically, when we now feel the fears that have lain dormant in us, it is a blessing. We have the opportunity to embrace and love the frightened child ego in us.

This is the Crucial Event to Ascension. From our inner feelings we create the outer world. And we, under the dark’s programming, have created our personal worlds and Our Greater World in fear. As we shift into Love and Inner Faith, our Energy shifts others we don’t even know into Love. The “100th Monkey” effect occurs and the World becomes ready for the Divine Awakening into Loving Light. But the Lightworkers need to shift Within first. That is why we came, to set the stage.

The details of the channels are not really important! We should not be basing Our Love and Confidence on outer details but what we hold in our Hearts. After All, We are Eternal Beings created in the Oneness of All Creation. 3D Earth is like a Higher Education Class in an all consuming illusion, a hologram of fear and separation where we need to really REMEMBER to Hold Light and Love within.

Embracing the New Earth
Well, We have Succeeded. Time to Rejoice.

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