A Note to Empaths about Receiving in these Days

A Note to Empaths about Receiving in these Days

We all know that we are receiving tremendous doses of Higher Love. We see some evidence of this outside but also much despair, fear and injustice. Why is there more of that now than before? Our Natural Native Selves, Our Souls are Gloriously One with the Creator of All That is. We were created in that Energy. Coming to Earth to assist in Gaias transformation meant separating from our Higher Dimensions with just a whisper radio in our chakras to hear the Great Love we had always known. Many who have come here consider themselves Empaths. They easily read others (and their own) thoughts and feelings. When they see manifestations that align with those intuitions they feel they are hearing correctly. There is a little more to the process.

Our 3D consciousness is all tied up in separation and things outside of us. But we are Ascending back within to our real selves, Our Higher Selves. The only thing that blocks this is our fear. Our subconscious is filled with repressed fears from a few moments  ago, from childhood and even previous lives. As we move into the higher energies coming to us, the old darker energy, beliefs, thoughts and emotions buried in us begin to surface to be cleared. We seem to swing between bliss and depression and fear. What can we do with the down feelings? We can embrace them lovingly as a mother does with a frightened babe and heal them with love OR relive them and recreate them with our thoughts.

One of the problems of being “open” psychically is we are not aware that our energy helps to make our “intuitions” manifest. Our thoughts are even more powerful because we really believe in our intuitions rather than just seeing them as information to be utilized. We even read others thoughts and emotions which are also primarily their theirs and hopes.

For example if you had had a death in a past life leaving your children behind that would be an enormous fear buried in you. You would do anything not to repeat it. If in this life that thought surfaces in a dream it would be alarming. Much of our intuitive fears do surface in dreams. Usually we see them as just fears being cleared in the Astral Body.  But a deep seated intense fear is different. Is our dream telling us what is to come?

A simple loving thing to do would be to embrace the thought, fill it with Love and Surrender it to the Creator and the Angels. Then just letting it go. Spending a lot of energy and time in thought and fear about it actually energizes it toward manifestation. It seems that most Lighworkers believe their Darker intuitions and doubt their Bright Loving Ones as just Yearnings of Fantasy. It is True we have had generations of hopes smashed.

So most empaths are better at picking up on disharmony, sorrow and pain than Joy, Love and Peace. They have forgotten that their chakras are like radio receivers and can be tuned. Tuning always into Love, Health, Harmony, Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Gratitude creates more of that. You then see more Love and Miracles. You create a Moving Loving World around you.

Empaths think they are getting messages from God. But God only sends out the most Blissful Healing Love. Our egos (mind thoughts) read everything from the negative fear side. So we manifest much tragedy and pain. We manifest it. It is not forced on us.

Change the dial on your receivers into the Heart’s Unconditional Love and Trust, and Manifest Paradise.

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