A short synopsis of our time on Earth. My Memories.

A short synopsis of our time on Earth. My Memories.

Several thoughts.
Earth was designed to be a paradise where beings from all different galaxies could come and get a new system of DNA that would allow them to be multidimensional. Prior to Earth different systems had developed different gifts and  lived in different “realities.” Some on 5D some on 12D, etc. So communication and interaction was complicated and difficult. If a being from one dimension wanted to be with one from another they couldn’t mate and create multidimensional beings.

Long before Lemuria and Mu  a team was brought to Earth to create an expanded 12 stranded DNA which would allow multidimensionality from 3D up to 12D.

The project was led by Sananda (Jesus.) Prime Creator even allowed reptilians to be involved because of their great intelligence (unfortunately they shifted everything during Atlantis.) Many fell under the dark ego driven spell of the reptilians. Then they participated when other civilizations were attacked and destroyed. Lemuria, Maldek, Mars destroyed. Even Venus had to move into a higher frequency.


So here is this magnificent being, Gaia, Earth. It was decided by Prime Creator and the Higher Beings that Earth could be a planet school where beings from all the universes could live with the free will to experience Duality of Dark and Light. They could hone their skills as Co-Creators with the Divine by learning the consequences of their manifestations.

Many younger souls came and immediately the reptilians moved toward dominance in an increasing fashion. This was not completely anticipated as the Galactics had not experienced this darkness in so evident a fashion. The Reptilians set up a grid that blocked higher energies from coming into Earth. So communication with Light Beings became more and more difficult for the Earth Souls.

Now this became to be seen by the Galactics and Creator to be an extraordinary possibility. Could some from very High dimensions incarnate in bodies on Earth and step by step beneath the Dark grid influence the population toward the Light?

Only the strongest of souls were allowed to participate. The overall plan had an ending date (NOW.) When the Energies of the Universe would ascend to All Systems to a higher level. So could these Masters come and prepare the Earthlings in time to be able to participate the Universal Ascension?

Some came early while others would come in the Last Days before the Great Ascension. Even among these great Light Beings many lost their way in the lower darker energies of Earth, now known by Galactics as the Planet of Sorrows.

The biggest challenge for these Star Wanderers was the separation from the Higher Parts of their Souls. Could they activate others while only listening to the quiet still small voice of their High Self which was linked directly to the Creator? Many of the Greatest Masters proved they could. Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc.

For the Wanderers who had long ago become the Light Beings who would travel from system to system to aid those civilizations who were evolving into Galactic consciousness, Earth became the greatest of projects. Could they transform themselves in such an environment of Darkness that they could assist all? The highest levels, they had been used to, could not be felt on Earth. Twin Souls could not operate together in such a low density. Their Love would be crushed. So it was agreed they could go in as individual halves, knowing they would be reunited in the Great Ascension.

For most Wanderers the opportunity sounded amazing when they learned of it while still in the Higher Densities. The shock when they actually incarnated was overwhelming. They would have to go back to the most basics of their Spiritual Evolution and work their way back up. Testing and expanding their understandings as they went. They, like the rest of the population, would fall into concepts of good and bad. Light and Darkness. Evil and the Divine.

Why did Creator allow this?

Why did Creator, in the beginning, expand and create birth aspects of Itself into beings to share its creation?
Of course to expand Creation’s magnificence. More Co-Creators creating more Love.
So why allow the Darkness?
Every creator eventually realizes that one creation leads to another even better than the last. A never ending spiral of evolution in Light and Love. What appears limited becomes the inspiration for the next creation. Even now we have often come under the spell of ideas that when looked at from a broader more loving perspective reveal their absurdities. National patriotism can lead to war, suffering and bloodshed. Corporate expansion can lead to the rape of the biosphere if unchecked with wisdom.

What does this mean for Twin Flames? They were One in the Higher realms already. Why would they choose to drop down to the Planet of Sorrows level?

Because, like their Creator, their Love for every aspect of Creation, every being is unfathomable. They knew they are Eternal Beings. They knew their other half was Their Wholeness. Imperishable. The illusion of separation from each other and from Source would only be temporary.

This would just be the greatest ride through a limited time that would ultimately create tremendous Joy where there had been unbelievable pain and sorrow.

So what is happening now? Think of the image of a great field of wildflowers in the first moments of spring. One bud opens, then another, then another. One by one Starseeds remember they are Source, they are One with All That Is. Then one Starseed remembers they have another half to reunite with. Then another remembers, then another. Seeking to complete their Oneness and their Love they radiate Love around them and the world Awakens.

Now it becomes clear. The Creator of Universes has allowed its children to become far greater than they were before with the experience of manifesting. New Creators are becoming ready to create new Worlds. Even beings who let themselves be trapped in the Dark and horrible practices of Evil are awakening to the Light.

And Twins are becoming ready to reunite but bringing along great extended families of other beings who  have blossomed under their care. Lightworkers who initially had thought it would be easy to just “SAVE” everybody, have learned that each must awaken themselves. Including the Light workers themselves.

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