An Intuition about Esther Hicks and Abraham

An Intuition about Esther Hicks and Abraham

Not many know this. I am not even sure if Esther does. She is actually the only Incarnated Being, ever I think, from the Abraham Soul group to be in Flesh.
A tremendous gift to bring us the Wisdom and Light she does and has.

Many years ago when they met, Jerry was much older and into different self help design programs. Esther thought channeling was a bit crazy but at Jerry’s insistence, she tried it once and she was overwhelmed.

You might scan through YouTube for an early Eshter and Jerry interview where they talk about how they got started.

I felt very connected to Abraham’s information as it had been my experience without even knowing of them. I have gone through up and down spells financially but when I was a little bit up I sent their little Getting into the Vortex book and CD out to people who were in desperate trouble. Of the 50 or so I sent out, many wrote back and said how their lives had changed for the better when they used the teachings.

We saw them in Portland a number of years ago and a man I had seen in a most moving YouTube video was there and had been working for her for years .
He seated us and his energy and love really touched my Heart. This is what being with Abraham and Esther does for people.

Anyway I had always been amazed at how well Esther did LIVE channeling. Only Bashar I felt does as well. I usually meditate in the middle of the night and often get information unasked often. The Group Soul Abraham came to me and explained that Esther was really from them. The only part of them ever in the flesh. I just loved her all the more.

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