Ascension and Clearing

Ascension and Clearing

Let’s look at what Ascension really is. Most think it is something outside of us that we absorb or create by being “Good.”


Really being in the Higher Dimensions is who we really are. But through many lifetimes here we have picked up a lot of crud. Many self negating beliefs and feelings. The Energies that at coming to the planet now are raising the Planet immensely.  How does this impact us? 


All these old beliefs and feelings have been suppressed into our subconscious are surfacing. The Higher Energy is incompatible with the lower self negating beliefs and feelings so they are pushed out of the subconscious and into our conscious awareness.That is why so many people are doing ballistic things. This is especially difficult for Lightworkers as they have always tried to resist negative thinking and feeling. So when they felt fearful rather than allowing that feeling to just be and then let it go, they pushed it down. When it sits isolated in the subconscious, it still creates. We are after all creator beings. So the negative feelings create the very dramas we wish to avoid. It is not God that is creating them. God had given us free will to create. And we can learn from what we create. In our Higher State, creation is instantaneous with our thoughts. Bad thought, instant bad manifestation. We didn’t want that. So we get a time delay but we don’t realize it is still us who is doing the creation.


So the Planet is ascending back into its Normal Wonderful place and everything incompatible with that in us surfaces. Then we can either get wrapped up in the bad feelings and thoughts of ourselves (and others) and add stories as to why everything is shit. This just makes us create more crap OR………..



We can see that this is a great clearing time. Much like when the body gets sick, it is actually healing itself from all the toxins we have given it and it has been trying to live with. So it finally raises its temperature to burn the crap out, vomits, diarrhea, mucous discharge, anything to clear what has already been created.


If people have lived and wallowed in buried anger, they get heart attacks. Buried fear and hate, especially self hate, they get cancer and so on.


So now all these old beliefs and feelings are surfacing. And of course we all have had them. Hell, we came to the Planet of Sorrows with spiritual amnesia.

Of course we have felt miserable, dark, fearful, but instead of just feeling those feelings and letting them go, we blame ourselves for feeling them. Then we tell ourselves we have to know why. Who created this crap in us. Our parents, ex-lovers and friends. My goodness, we will ruminate about how they screwed up our lives. And on and on. But that feels like awful, so again we bury it.


The cure is simple. See all the bad feelings and thoughts as just surfacing to be let go. Feel them and let them go. Don’t try to understand them. That recreates them to be reburied again.


Our natural state is Pure Joy and Love. Anything less is an Illusion. So when one feels less, that is the time to clear. Feel the pain, then let it blow away in the breeze like little dandy lion petals.


Then draw in Golden White Light from your High Self into your Heart. She sits right above your head and is closer than your next breath. Breath her into your Heart. Increasingly you and your High Self become One again. Actually you have always been One but we get lost in the dream, the nightmare, the Illusion and we forget.




The best state of being to Create all you desire is when we are filled with Love, Joy, and Gratitude.


We can use any little simple memory of something or sometime we have loved to recreate that feeling after we have let the dark ones blow away.

Every time we feel distressed we can take a moment to shift and let go of that energy. It is just old stuff, we have created.


Disgusted with the boss or a coworker? They are struggling too. Relax and send them Love.


Need a moment to refresh yourself. Take bathroom break. When I was working full time I spent almost every break in meditation. That really helped.


Same thing now. Not feeling Joy! Time to release. Pissed off at the greedy dark ones. Time to release.


Hope that helps. Much much Love.


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