My trip to the Star Ship known as Shan Chea, New Jerusalem, and the Star of Bethlehem. Ashtar’s Command Ship

My trip to the Star Ship known as Shan Chea, New Jerusalem, and the Star of Bethlehem. Ashtar’s Command Ship

Many are beginning to have more experiences on  the ships . Often these occur when we are out of the physical body in sleep and not interrupted with our 3D mind thoughts. I am sharing  my bi-location experience on being on Ashtar’s Command Ship in the expectation that you have gone there or to others for Council sessions. All a part of our Service in assisting Gaia and Humanity in Ascension to the New Earth.

Well, after nearly six years of having been exposed to the idea that the Galactics were here (Shared My Awakening Story) my then wife and two sons were living in Los Angeles at my mother’s house. We had met a few people, who like us, had felt called to connect directly with the Star Families. I had a series of inner events with Sananda (Jesus), AA Michael, AA Gabriel (in masculine form) AA Raphael, and ascended Master St. Germaine. Circumstances arose where two of our friends decided to take a road trip to look for ships in a motorhome and invited us and a few others. All of us had been meditating and asking for Guidance. We were led toward New Mexico after an exciting stop in Sedona.

On March 23, 1976, a little ways outside of Gallup, New Mexico we turned off on a dirt road up into the mountains. Probably not the wisest idea as it was still in the snow season. One of the group was a older teenage girl who was a natural clairvoyant. We all sat up to meditate and she began saying. “They are here.” She talked through the entire experience much like a tour Guide. But we each could see everything. We were there!

 We first met two Star men. Looked extremely beautiful human like. But their eyes had no white. They were a bit larger than ours and the most brilliant blue you could imagine. Long hair, one white blond, the other dark. Throughout the experience which lasted two and a half hours, when we moved from one place to another, you were just there instantly. So first it was in a Scout ship like the ones George Adamski or Billy Meier saw. Then we were coming along side “Shan Chea,“ more commonly called now “New Jerusalem.” It was in a higher dimension so probably invisible to 3D bodies but brilliant to us. It seemed to have twelve levels to it when viewed in an horizontal plane. We were told it had been used as the Star of Bethlehem. All communication was telepathic but our telepathic clairvoyant would often speak it out loud so that our physical bodies could hear it as well. I now realize we were in a multidimensional state as we could see everything in the brilliant higher sight but we were still in our physical bodies. If you have had the experience of an extremely vivid waking dream where the dream is more real than what your normal awake life is like, you will know what I mean

The Scout ship pulled into an enormous hanger bay on the lower side of the Mother ship. Hundreds of Scout ships were arranged there. Instantly we were in a meeting lounge area. Much like a huge lounge in a great hotel. Many pockets of comfortable seating areas grouped for more intimate gatherings. Quiet, warm, very beautiful.

We were then led into different areas, somewhat separately but we all could witness what the others were seeing. Some were taken into the command and control rooms. Here the men and women flight leaders were dressed in the more formfitting space suits. The colors of the suits seemed to represent what Star systems they were from. It was made clear that the Ashtar Command was made up of entities from all different systems of the Galactic Federation of Light. I understood then and remember now that the Ashtar Command was primarily involved in Security and Protection of the Light Civilizations. So it was a type of Information and Control Center. It had been monitoring and assisting Earth for millions of years.

Some of us were taken through the long galleries that connected different areas of the ship. These were a bit like those enormous elegant malls. (Perhaps they implanted that idea with us.) They were like the most beautiful gardens you could imagine. Beautiful trees, water features,fountains, water falls, streams, paths and walkways, little bridges, flowers, grassy areas for seating. It reminded me of the most beautiful Japanese Gardens. Some areas could have for food growing. No meat production only plant life. In fact the Star Beings seldom ate food other than a delicious beverage which energized them as they really lived on Light.

I didn’t see animals nor non human looking people on this trip. But I did realize that all of these beings had control over their form and were aware of our timid Earthly sensitivities. Actually for those who worry that they were would be evil looking, the Light and Love that emanated from them was a bit overwhelming. The impression I got was that they had toned down their beauty so we didn’t faint. LOL

Some of us were taken into the school rooms for children. Between us we had 3 young children so we were naturally interested. In the room there was a teacher seated. He had a jewel device over his 3rd eye. Each of the children had a similar one. The teacher and the children would telepath with each other whole thought forms and images. They could commune forward and backward in time and go anywhere in space. Each had full access to the Akashic Records of the Universe. I realized that education was more about discovery and sharing than learning and indoctrination. The children had full memory of their past lives that they brought into the teaching to share with each other in the class and there was a Oneness there between all of them. I knew that all of them would learn all of the functions and technologies on the mothership and would teleport to other systems to stay and learn from other beings as a part of their growing. This reminded me of the Foreign Exchange student programs we had, but here all had the experience and they went to other galaxies. Since they all live in a body for hundreds of years, many adventures await. Perfect health and youth. No medicine. And they, like us, go back into Spirit when they feel their time in form is finished for a while but return into form when they desire. All are, like us, are Eternal Beings. But here All were clearly coming from much higher states of being. A common love and Oneness embraced all but each still had individual identity.

Those of us who went to the Control and Command Center learned that the ship was controlled completely by thought. The ship was actually a living intelligent being that they could commune with. Many lighted crystal instruments that could focus on certain functions were evident. Like Star Trek, one merely passed a hand over the controls and they activated. I had the feeling that while everything could be controlled by telepathy but some things were set so that they could stay on automatic function for generations.

I will shorten the rest of the story. Don’t want to bore you. I was taken into the upper Council Chamber. There, All there, were in their Highest Light Bodies. Pure light with the Essence of Form but more etheric. When there, I realized I had been there many times in past lives and while asleep. Not unusual as I think many of us have. Sananda looking like he was as Jesus but was there in a Light body as was Ashtar. I could sense Archangels and Angelic Beings in the room but were not in form at all. Sananda was as I had felt him in the numerous visits I had had with him before this adventure and in previous lives. Unbelievably loving, warm, embracing, laughing, joking a bit, but absolutely fearless and powerful.

Ashtar was more serious yet also loving. He seemed always to have much on his mind. There was definitely a deference on Ashtar’s part to Sananda. Sananda is clearly the Leader. But with Sananda you felt he was so Completely One with the Source/Consciousness that he was completely at Peace with everything. He knew All was in its Perfect Order and would always be so. It was his Energy and Love that led others not like a commander. They shared much with me telepathically. I was there most of the time we were on the ship. I was told it would be held in my my High Self consciousness which was one with them. I would come often but not remember it when in the body except for those downloads I was meant to share. Like now. I was guided to not to be very public with information. I had had that role in the past and it was important to encourage, and validate others now in their sharing. I realized how wonderful that had been for me when others validated my experiences by sharing theirs. And, of course, all of us have the very same capabilities, we just decide what we want to focus on in each moment in Grandeur that is Creation, in and out of Form.

As the experience began to come to a close we again found ourselves back in the motor-home a bit overwhelmed. Like the children we are, we then wanted to know where to go next to get picked up. So started for me the impatient period of my life. Until gradually after many trips to the mountains and deserts, I finally realized it was not about going somewhere but was always there Within. Over the years my children began to have many many very vivid dreams of being on the ships. For me their experiences and those of others always validated what I was receiving. Actually I think now that for the time being my children’s experiences meant more to me than to my children. LOL.

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