Some Memories and brief History of Lemuria and Atlantis

Some Memories and brief History of Lemuria and Atlantis

Good memories of Glorious times. Lemuria was under the Divine Mother/Goddess Energy unlike Atlantis which was Masculine. As a result Lemuria and earlier Mu continent were 5D and above. All were in a state of Oneness Loving being. Humans, Faeries, Elementals, Gnomes, Mer People, Angels, Animals and Galactics All in Harmony.  Lemuria was actually a smaller version of the Larger Pacific continent of Mu.

Nature was incredibly beautiful. Beyond our current conception. Colors we can’t even imagine now. Love amongst all the animals as we are beginning to see again.  Only Loving work was done, building Temples and Ceremony places. Minimal construction as Nature would provide housing and sustenance naturally. All just lived in Oneness.

Atlantis in the beginning was harmonious but gradually moved into technology and control. It was  initially 4D similar to now but continued to slip down into good/evil 3D as we have been. Atlantis was the Atlantic continent in its peak size but through its technological mishaps became the smaller island continent of Poseidon.

With Draconian influence the Atlantian leadership participated in the destruction of the other water planets, Mars, Venus, Maldek, our original moon. Maldek was the planet between Mars and Jupiter which is now an asteroid belt. Finally they couldn’t tolerate culture of Lemuria and using their Giant Crystal powered generators sank Lemuria.

We moved the sacred temple objects, like the Golden Sun Disk of Mu,  to caverns in Peru by Lake Titicaca, Sedona, Mount Shasta and Tibet.  Likewise we moved with Starship help the Giant Crystals  that now are the Energy vortices for portals in those areas.

Many many Lemurians went into Inner Earth to create Agartha, Telos and a sacred 5D and above civilization. Some chose to go to Atlantis to try to shift the Energy.

That was my choice or Destiny.
This life a Galactic channel many years ago remembered me from my time in Atlantis after the sinking. I remembered the Events but not my name. I was called Chrysantium El, often in a  rather in  derisive way, The Old Lemurian. Apparently I lived a quite a while there as I was there for the Great Flood when they destroyed themselves trying wipe a colony of their rebellious children who wanted to return to the Old Positive Ways.

The Mer people and Faeries  eventually stayed in 5D or later  incarnated in human bodies. The Sirian Cetaceans remained as the Guardian Elders who held the Light. Probably why the dark loved whaling so much. Another attempt to circumvent our memories.

Many wonder why Prime Creator allowed this to continue. My understanding was that it was clear that even Lightworkers needed to move past the Good/Bad thinking of 3D and into Unconditional Love as they had been created. So the next  Great Adventure began.
The Lost continents are beginning to rise. The Surface will be swept clean and purified. Those choosing to stay in The Ascended Loving Earth will live in beautiful Inner Earth. The Evacuations will be handled by the Galactics and Inner Earth. If you choose to learn more, I would suggest studying Sheldan Nidle’s Work and follow Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek’s posts.

Jim Nichols artistJim Nichols artistJim Nichols artistJim Nichols artist

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