The Divine Feminine in the World

The Divine Feminine in the World

The Divine Goddess as the Feminine aspect of God has been largely excluded through religion for many thousands of years. The lack of caring, compassion, real love of others, of the planet, the animal and plant kingdoms, I think are the result. The focus for and against physical love/sex I see as another aspect of a twisted male fear and jealousy. The attitudes of racial, tribal, gender and religious prejudice I see as coming from a lack of Maternal feeling for All.

I think if women felt empowered they would change the world.
How many moms, without male thinking would send their children to war to kill other women’s children? How many women would train their boys to abuse hurt and damage girls? Or abuse gay children?

I realize that having been raised by a single working mom has given me insight into what women face. They have been expected to keep the home, raise the children, work another job, be active in the Educational system, etc, etc.
I am not even dealing with more abusive societies.

I think women are the Essence Of Beauty, Love, Compassion on the Planet.
On the sites I share about Spirituality I would say that 90% of those who follow up, question, bring forth ideas and channeling are women. I think, as the Dalai Lama has said, the World will be changed by Western Women. I think Western because at this stage they are more open and active. There are economic reasons involved here as well.
So many women clearly are beautiful Angels. But they don’t YET  dare think that honestly and lovingly about themselves.

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