These Great Energies of Love are Clearing Us and Mother Earth but they can be a bit of a bitch

These Great Energies of Love are Clearing Us and Mother Earth but they can be a bit of a bitch
For thousands of years there has been darkness on the Earth. During those times especially on the Astral Planes we encountered the reptilian over lords. They controlled the planet by creating fear. So much fear that even our bodies were changed. The greater part of our DNA was dismantled to block our ability to connect with the Higher Loving Light of Creation. Certain human overlords were put in place that we now call the Cabal or the Illuminati. They worshiped this power through dark magic and human sacrifices, Satanic or Devil Worship.
Over the years millions of Light workers from Higher Worlds came to help shift the energy among the population. They too were influenced by and attacked by the dark, often in the Astral Dream State. They could see the higher dimensions and what was happening. Women being more psychic were especially vulnerable. When they shared their knowledge the more powerful were called witches and were tortured and killed by the fear infested mobs.
So here we are at the Onset of Ascension into the Light.
Those who have been here many lives as Lightworkers have memories of these horrible times buried in their subconscious. As these Higher Energies of Light and Love come in they release this buried fear so it can surface and be healed in Love. Clearly a challenging task for us, but a necessary part of moving back into our Light Bodies. As we clear we radiate Love, Peace, Light and Truth. This impacts the entire population and assists it in moving from constant fear into Light and Love. It is why we came.
Only the Strongest Lighworkers/Angel Galactics were allowed for this mission. Ones who had ascended in other systems numerous times. It was known that even in the darkest moments they could reach deep Within to their Soul, to their High Self and find Guidance and Light.
Earth was and is to become again the most Beautiful and Loving of World Spirits. Our Mother. We are helping Her by Clearing ourselves and thus helping to clear others.
You are in this Time. The old dark memories surface to be cleared and healed. As you allow that to occur, you not only Heal yourself but Mother Earth and All her loving children. Beings of all kingdoms.
So my answer is the simple phrase Matt Kahn has given us.
Whatever arises, Love That.
See even your dark moments as a blessing. They are a Healing, a Clearing. Much as the body brings a fever to clear out disease causing microbes.
All is working Perfectly.
Remember that even those who release their bodies are Divine Eternal Beings who Live Forever and constantly Return to the Light and Love of Creation.

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