Two powerful experiences with Jesus/Sananda I have been blessed with this life.

Two powerful experiences with Jesus/Sananda I have been blessed with this life.

I had a very vivid dream a number of years ago. I was walking with Jesus in his now more modern body. Young, tall and handsome. Several others were there.
He was as I had known Him  2000 years ago but also new, fresh, right here and now. We were walking into a hall like one attached to a church. There were many people there. Older and younger. In a way that was metaphoric as the younger were fresh and new and recognized Him immediately just by His Energy. Many of the older ones had been under the influence of religions for a long time and weren’t recognizing who He was. He just stood there silently and filled the room with His Presence. Gradually most Awakened.
What overwhelmed me was the feeling of Absolute Fearlessness He had. I realized I had never been in the Presence of One who was completely without fear of any kind.

This was especially interesting as years earlier I had a wide awake very vivid Vision that knocked me to the floor weeping. I saw Him as the Jesus of old standing on the Mount of Olives, quietly sharing to thousands of people. He may have been speaking softly but His Thoughts reached everyone perfectly. I was about several hundred yards away. The intensity of His Love was so overwhelming and It drove me to the ground weeping.
I knew immediately that I was reliving what I had experienced so long ago. And like a deja vu, I was completely re-experiencing everything again as I had then.

From these two experiences, I see that Absolute Love and Absolute Fearlessness are the same expression. When one is completely filled with Love there is no room for fear. And when one has no fear, they are Love Incarnate.

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