Understanding Why we are plagued by War and Violence and What the Lightworkers Role is in ending it Forever

Understanding Why we are plagued by War and Violence and What the Lightworkers Role is in ending it Forever

On one side of the war issue are those willing to use false flags, like killing their own people to incite war, and those willing to do that may be from both both sides of a conflict. To them creating violence that will expand globally is more important than the lives of their own people. Those aligned with the Illuminati have been Masters of such deceit. Playing all sides of every conflict.

Why? Because when chaos and fear reign, the people have traditionally accepted and even embraced greater control by the Elite. And the Illuminati believes that only if the world’s population is reduced to 500 million or so, can they adequately Control and enslave the population.

On the other side of the the intent of violence are the true messengers of Light and Love. In lifetime after lifetime they have been willing to offer up the temporary loss of their forms, their bodies, to awaken the greater population to the Intent of Peace and Harmony. In this time, as in the past, many many souls have chosen before incarnating to make such sacrifices to bring Peace to Gaia.

In no way do I wish to make dying for a cause, Heroic.  These courageous souls make these decisions pre-birth not because they see it as an heroic act but  as one of the few ways the population will wake up to the insidious horror of socialized and politically sanctioned violence.
These Light Beings KNOW the end of war and violence is near. They KNOW the New World is Immanent. There is no way to stop it. It is by Divine Decree.

And the dark ones know it too. They are terrified of the consequences of the Awakening of the people to how they and the entire population have been manipulated and enslaved for thousands of years. In essence the dark ones are terrified of their own karma and will do anything to to delay it. The irony is they continue under Their false belief that the Ascending Population will use the same methods on them that they have used for generations. Yet what is being birthed is a population that Lives for and by Love.

It is in this understanding of the Higher Power of Love, that Light Beings must Now must embrace Love in these seemingly desperate times to create the World we all desire. We must no longer look to governments and “leaders” to create Peace. We must find that Peace in our Selves and be the Love that transforms the World. It is the Fundamental Reason we chose to be here in these times. To demonstrate the Power of Love and Possibility of Peace


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