This is just an awareness I think many of us are being guided to. For a long time it seemed we worked to try to be more like our High Selves. We would try to emulate the Great Teachers. We knew we had a Source Guide, our High Self, the Christed Self. Recently for many we are having the awareness that we are actually Our High Self in a reduced consciousness state operating often from our fear based ego mind.

The big Awakening I think is that we in essence truly are our High Selves. This is the consciousness we were before coming into Earth 3D field. Coming into Earth’s diminished field under the lower Anunaki grid only a bit of our Higher Consciousness could manifest. Only whispers from our Spirit Self could come through. What we call Ascension is really re-awakening to what and who we really are.

Much information has seemed to imply this starts on a physical level. Our bodies are transformed through reconstituted DNA. While this is true, the more accelerating shift is one of consciousness. Allowing the High Self, our real Self to lead again lifts us out of the 3D ego based fear oriented thinking.

This then accelerates all the other bodies transformations. Astral, etheric, emotional,mental, physical.

The incoming Energies from the Great Central Sun are Shifting Gaia’s and our Energy fields. The more we are One with our High Selves, we are One with Source and accelerate the Ascension of the Planet, the human Collective and ultimately Our Universe.

This is the reason we came. To Awake in 3D. Hence Ascend us and the Planet. Of course we do this in Oneness with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Galactics, Inner Earth, the Angelics, All That Is.


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