What’s coming up and a way to tap into your Higher Guides-Revised with book list

What’s coming up and a way to tap into your Higher Guides-Revised with book list

In making friends on FB lately I have been asked about what is coming and how can we connect into our own source of information. The following is what I have been receiving and how I got started in communicating with Higher Beings.

What’s next after the arrests of the Illuminati? My guess, more open Disclosure. Many more daylight sightings. Perhaps direct media transmitted from Galactics, but gently evolving so as not to freak people out. Moving toward first physical landings.

If you think you want to work with the Galactic Federation of Light, begin thinking about what areas of helping the planet and the Human Collective sounds exciting to you. Commune with your Higher Self and Guides. I do it by journaling. Ask a question, sit still and write what comes into your head. Some thoughts will really seem powerful and joyful. That is only one way, but it has worked for me for many years.  I find in writing the thoughts, they develop more. They often start as an image, but if I pursue it in writing it down, then it often goes much deeper and leads to whole new understandings. This builds not only your telepathy capability, but deepens your connection to your Guides. For me it started as simple general questions and moved into getting things from specific Greater Beings. The Archangels, Sananda, Ashtar of the Galactics. Very soon the thoughts would just come at any time but writing and journaling them seemed give a deeper meaning. Another great method of receiving messages is Suzanne Spooner’s TAUK  methods. She has often given wonderful classes on it.

Please share your insights especially the ones that have really impacted you.

These are a few of the books which have been a big impact on my Life. Some may be difficult to find now but most are available at Amazon.com

The excellent Matthew books are available at http://www.matthewbooks.com/store/default.asp.

These are not in any kind of order.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham’s “Getting into the Vortx.” -Book and CD of Meditations

George Adamski, “Flying Saucers have Landed.”

George Adamski, “Inside the Space Ships.”

Howard Menger, “From Outer Space to You.”

Eric Klein, “The Crystal Stair.”

Eric Klein, “Jewels on the Path.”

Darryl Anka, “Bashar:Blueprint for Change.”

George Hunt Williamson, “Secret Places of the Lion.”

Brother Phillip, “Secret of the Andes.”

Michael Newton, “Journey of Souls.”

Ken Carey, “ Return of the Bird Tribes.”

Ken Carey, ”Starseed Transmissions.”

Quan Yin, “Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.”

Michael Roads, “ Journey into Oneness.”

Lyssa Royal, “The Prism of Lyra, An Exploration of the Human Galactic Heritage.”

Yogananda, “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Baird Spaulding,” The Lives and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” 5 vloumes

Judy Satori, “Sunshine before the Dawn.”

Brian Weiss, MD., “Messages of the Masters.”

Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light, “Prepare for the Landings.”

All the books of the Matthew series by Suzy Ward.

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