ARCHEIA FAITH – Final Event Energies Update – 1-11-18 – WE Have The Old Controllers in a Cage Now! – By Saint Andrews Twin Flame

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Final Event Energies Update 1~11~18: WE Have The Old Controllers in a Cage Now!

By Archeia Faith

Beautiful Brothers and Sisters!

We write to you with another Final Event Update, following my post two days titled “The New Earth=Heart Begins,” which informed the masses of the Awakening of Divine Team and The Beginning of New Earth. I will be attempting to keep you all as informed as possible of the events occurring at Mission HQ, The Unified Field. We are immensely busy.

Members of the Divine Team are in transit! Waking up in Divine order, all who are contacting Mother are Arch Angels of the Seven Rays and Beyond. It is a time of magic, of bliss, of excitement. Do not mistake us, LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON.

As we disclosed in the post on 9th January 2018, the cabal old controllersentered the Unified Field at 11:11 am of that day. Mother had just entered into ceremony with the Galactic Federation and the Father of All Creation, I…

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