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Lightworker. Ground Crew, Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command. Married to Soul Mate, Star Seed Lightworker. Passionately in Love with All That Is. Over 45 years ago I was awakened to many of my past lives. Some of the Happiest were in Mu and Lemuria. Lemuria was a Divine Feminine Environment. All beings there from Crystals, Animals, Plants, Faeries, Mer Beings, Humans lived in Love and absolute harmony and could communicate telepathically. We were warned by the Galactics that Atlantis influenced by dark Ones was planning to sink and destroy Lemuria. With others and Galactic help we moved the Sacred artifacts, like the Golden Sun Dic of Mu and the Enormous Crystals to places of safety in Peru, Sedona, Mayan lands, and Mount Shasta. When that was done each of chose to go to Inner Earth or elsewhere. I chose to go to Atlantis hoping to help change the Energy. In 1972, after I had been awakened I met a Stareseed Galactic Seer who remembered me from Atlantis. She remembered that my name had been Christantium El. I was called the Old Lemurian, often derisively, by the Atlantians. Lemuria had a very different culture from the more technologically sophisticated Atlantians. Atlantis was considered a Masculine society and more Power over Others culture. I still Love my Lemurian Heart. <3

MAGENTA PIXIE – The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light – 6-10-17

Source: MAGENTA PIXIE – The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light – 6-10-17


MAGENTA PIXIE – Return of the Masters – Opening of Stargates – Collapse of the False Light Matrix – August 2017 — Higher Density Blog

Magenta Pixie Published on Aug 10, 2017 From your period of July 21st 2017 through to August 27th 2017, there is a very high frequency raise taking place with an abundance of light codes coming onto your planet and a new code being created within your DNA. – Get Magenta Pixie’s […]

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Understanding Why we are plagued by War and Violence and What the Lightworkers Role is in ending it Forever

Understanding Why we are plagued by War and Violence and What the Lightworkers Role is in ending it Forever

On one side of the war issue are those willing to use false flags, like killing their own people to incite war, and those willing to do that may be from both both sides of a conflict. To them creating violence that will expand globally is more important than the lives of their own people. Those aligned with the Illuminati have been Masters of such deceit. Playing all sides of every conflict.

Why? Because when chaos and fear reign, the people have traditionally accepted and even embraced greater control by the Elite. And the Illuminati believes that only if the world’s population is reduced to 500 million or so, can they adequately Control and enslave the population.

On the other side of the the intent of violence are the true messengers of Light and Love. In lifetime after lifetime they have been willing to offer up the temporary loss of their forms, their bodies, to awaken the greater population to the Intent of Peace and Harmony. In this time, as in the past, many many souls have chosen before incarnating to make such sacrifices to bring Peace to Gaia.

In no way do I wish to make dying for a cause, Heroic.  These courageous souls make these decisions pre-birth not because they see it as an heroic act but  as one of the few ways the population will wake up to the insidious horror of socialized and politically sanctioned violence.
These Light Beings KNOW the end of war and violence is near. They KNOW the New World is Immanent. There is no way to stop it. It is by Divine Decree.

And the dark ones know it too. They are terrified of the consequences of the Awakening of the people to how they and the entire population have been manipulated and enslaved for thousands of years. In essence the dark ones are terrified of their own karma and will do anything to to delay it. The irony is they continue under Their false belief that the Ascending Population will use the same methods on them that they have used for generations. Yet what is being birthed is a population that Lives for and by Love.

It is in this understanding of the Higher Power of Love, that Light Beings must Now must embrace Love in these seemingly desperate times to create the World we all desire. We must no longer look to governments and “leaders” to create Peace. We must find that Peace in our Selves and be the Love that transforms the World. It is the Fundamental Reason we chose to be here in these times. To demonstrate the Power of Love and Possibility of Peace

What’s coming up and a way to tap into your Higher Guides-Revised with book list

What’s coming up and a way to tap into your Higher Guides-Revised with book list

In making friends on FB lately I have been asked about what is coming and how can we connect into our own source of information. The following is what I have been receiving and how I got started in communicating with Higher Beings.

What’s next after the arrests of the Illuminati? My guess, more open Disclosure. Many more daylight sightings. Perhaps direct media transmitted from Galactics, but gently evolving so as not to freak people out. Moving toward first physical landings.

If you think you want to work with the Galactic Federation of Light, begin thinking about what areas of helping the planet and the Human Collective sounds exciting to you. Commune with your Higher Self and Guides. I do it by journaling. Ask a question, sit still and write what comes into your head. Some thoughts will really seem powerful and joyful. That is only one way, but it has worked for me for many years.  I find in writing the thoughts, they develop more. They often start as an image, but if I pursue it in writing it down, then it often goes much deeper and leads to whole new understandings. This builds not only your telepathy capability, but deepens your connection to your Guides. For me it started as simple general questions and moved into getting things from specific Greater Beings. The Archangels, Sananda, Ashtar of the Galactics. Very soon the thoughts would just come at any time but writing and journaling them seemed give a deeper meaning. Another great method of receiving messages is Suzanne Spooner’s TAUK  methods. She has often given wonderful classes on it.

Please share your insights especially the ones that have really impacted you.

These are a few of the books which have been a big impact on my Life. Some may be difficult to find now but most are available at Amazon.com

The excellent Matthew books are available at http://www.matthewbooks.com/store/default.asp.

These are not in any kind of order.

Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham’s “Getting into the Vortx.” -Book and CD of Meditations

George Adamski, “Flying Saucers have Landed.”

George Adamski, “Inside the Space Ships.”

Howard Menger, “From Outer Space to You.”

Eric Klein, “The Crystal Stair.”

Eric Klein, “Jewels on the Path.”

Darryl Anka, “Bashar:Blueprint for Change.”

George Hunt Williamson, “Secret Places of the Lion.”

Brother Phillip, “Secret of the Andes.”

Michael Newton, “Journey of Souls.”

Ken Carey, “ Return of the Bird Tribes.”

Ken Carey, ”Starseed Transmissions.”

Quan Yin, “Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.”

Michael Roads, “ Journey into Oneness.”

Lyssa Royal, “The Prism of Lyra, An Exploration of the Human Galactic Heritage.”

Yogananda, “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Baird Spaulding,” The Lives and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” 5 vloumes

Judy Satori, “Sunshine before the Dawn.”

Brian Weiss, MD., “Messages of the Masters.”

Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light, “Prepare for the Landings.”

All the books of the Matthew series by Suzy Ward.

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