The Divine Feminine in the World

The Divine Feminine in the World

The Divine Goddess as the Feminine aspect of God has been largely excluded through religion for many thousands of years. The lack of caring, compassion, real love of others, of the planet, the animal and plant kingdoms, I think are the result. The focus for and against physical love/sex I see as another aspect of a twisted male fear and jealousy. The attitudes of racial, tribal, gender and religious prejudice I see as coming from a lack of Maternal feeling for All.

I think if women felt empowered they would change the world.
How many moms, without male thinking would send their children to war to kill other women’s children? How many women would train their boys to abuse hurt and damage girls? Or abuse gay children?

I realize that having been raised by a single working mom has given me insight into what women face. They have been expected to keep the home, raise the children, work another job, be active in the Educational system, etc, etc.
I am not even dealing with more abusive societies.

I think women are the Essence Of Beauty, Love, Compassion on the Planet.
On the sites I share about Spirituality I would say that 90% of those who follow up, question, bring forth ideas and channeling are women. I think, as the Dalai Lama has said, the World will be changed by Western Women. I think Western because at this stage they are more open and active. There are economic reasons involved here as well.
So many women clearly are beautiful Angels. But they don’t YET  dare think that honestly and lovingly about themselves.


Why Is It Taking So Long? Are the Channels Wrong? Some Thoughts.

Why Is It Taking So Long? Are the Channels Wrong? Some Thoughts.

Learning to Follow Our Hearts. Several Thoughts. When a channel truly connects with the Higher Dimensions they are connecting to the NOW. So information they get is timeless. When I started “receiving” in this life, Ascension appeared to be headed toward the Millennium (2000). That Plan was apparently changed by Prime Creator when the Annunaki changed sides in the Truce brought by AA Michael. The opportunity then that many many more could, and would, Ascend into 5D. As a personal aside, I had received many very clear pictures of my personal future and based my life choices on them. When the visions came in the early 70s it seemed immediate. All the experiences needed to happen for All, but different than I originally expected. Yet the information was there, I just wasn’t ready to hear it. I share this because many channels have had similar experiences. Secondly, the dark have many paid disinformation experts putting out misinformation to generate fear and deception. They know their demise is imminent but is dependent on Population Awareness.

The Galactics and Angels do operate on the Prime Directive in that they will not force the population into violent upheavals for change. So timing is based on Awakenings. That is, in essence, why so many Starseeds and Human Angels have come to the Planet, to raise the vibration in Unconditional Love. But even for those coming from very loving dimensions, coming to 3D Earth takes a while for them to reawaken and get back on track. We are, at last, in the True New Earth timing. As to the PPP and GCR, countless attempts by the dark to delay and molest it have been evident. That interference, too, is now ready to go away.

Why would true channels seem to be so wrong on timing? Because when one puts out an idea it takes time for many to pick up on it, share it and see the need, and inevitability, of the change and therefore embrace it as their own. Meanwhile most need to go through their own fears and insecurities to move into True knowing and Faith. In this time, the Great Higher Energies are bringing in so much Higher Love that it causes our buried subconscious fears to surface. Those can then be healed Lovingly by us as we move into the Ascension pattern of Higher Unconditional Love.

The Divine Plan is really not about just having more prosperity. It is about healing our fears and moving us back into Oneness and Love. When in that Higher State, we create instantly and automatically… not really desirable when our fears, angers and frustrations dominate our inner feelings. So, ironically, when we now feel the fears that have lain dormant in us, it is a blessing. We have the opportunity to embrace and love the frightened child ego in us.

This is the Crucial Event to Ascension. From our inner feelings we create the outer world. And we, under the dark’s programming, have created our personal worlds and Our Greater World in fear. As we shift into Love and Inner Faith, our Energy shifts others we don’t even know into Love. The “100th Monkey” effect occurs and the World becomes ready for the Divine Awakening into Loving Light. But the Lightworkers need to shift Within first. That is why we came, to set the stage.

The details of the channels are not really important! We should not be basing Our Love and Confidence on outer details but what we hold in our Hearts. After All, We are Eternal Beings created in the Oneness of All Creation. 3D Earth is like a Higher Education Class in an all consuming illusion, a hologram of fear and separation where we need to really REMEMBER to Hold Light and Love within.

Embracing the New Earth
Well, We have Succeeded. Time to Rejoice.

A Child’s Death

A Child’s Death

I am sharing this background on my darling daughter’s death as the subject has come up many times. This experience while painful was a glorious reaffirmation to me of how Life is Eternal.

Rick Winsor December 28 at 2:48pm

Desiree’s passing was 2 days past her 24th birthday in 2004. Her mother and I went through a very difficult divorce when she was about 8. I KNEW my contract in life was to live as I am now living but didn’t understand the necessary ingredients of creating. So I ended up pushing things to the limit. Lots of money then broke. Her mother couldn’t stand this(for good reason) and left to become involved sadly with an abusive man.

Desy was living with her until it became intolerable. A year after being with me she developed kidney disease. Both she and I knew it was to pull her mother out of the situation she had created for herself. We both knew that if she went onto dialysis it would be a one way path. We tried everything available. Homeopathic medicine, Eastern medicine, Acupuncture, therapy, all would work for while but the symptoms (extreme body swelling) would reoccur. I slept on the floor next to her for almost a year, bathed and toileted her. A difficult time as my mother had developed dementia at the same time so I was the Caregiver for both. Actually the other daughter moved into full blown schizophrenia also. Really learned to survive in Spirit.

Finally there was no alternative and she was on dialysis for 12 years. She got a kidney transplant from her mother who had finally left the man, but the kidney failed as Desy was feeling so good after the transplant she stopped taking her anti-rejection medicine.

She was living on Kauai and doing yoga training, a picture of beauty and health. She came back to the mainland and was put back on dialysis. She told me often she would not live long as she was determined to live life her way not as the doctors insisted (which was very limited.)

She got a bad case of strep while in the hospital in 2004 and died shortly after.

Right after I was notified, we made arrangements to go from Zion NP where we working, to Portland where she was, to attend a memorial for her at the Rose Garden. A spontaneous affair that about 500 attended. Her love, humor, courage and compassion had touched many. Before we left Utah she came to me in Spirit in the car. She was sitting there and I, just feeling her presence, when she flew out of the car and around it a number of times, reseated herself and told me how great it was to be out of that “fucking body.” She then told me to treat the memorial as a celebration as she was “HOME.”

At the memorial I spoke to this very depressed crowd. I told them I could see her hiding behind the trees counting heads to see who cared enough to show up and was laughing. The mood changed instantly to the kind of energy she was exhibiting. Her intent obviously.

Several months later I had this very, very super-conscious dream, more real than waking. She was in a carriage like in Central Park and pulled up to me and stopped. She was radiant, impossibly beautiful. She was beautiful in flesh but this was unreal. She beckoned me into the coach to sit next to her. She then gave me a very un-daughterly kiss. She told me she would watch out for me. I got down and the dream ended in a mist.

I have always been unafraid of death so it wasn’t a surprise and yet it was.

What Star System are you from? Galactic History with Earth. Here are Some resources which may help you to find out.

What Star System are you from? Galactic History with Earth. Here are Some resources which may help you to find out.

Many now seem to be interested in knowing where they have come from. Where is Home.This information is readily available from your High Self and Guides.  However it is often a bit difficult to get past the disbelief and doubt we have to get started. Another friend who had had some extraordinary paranormal experiences in visiting her Star Home asked today how to get more information. For me  I have found the following to be helpful to opening the doors. When I read new material that feels warm, loving and exciting I just let it percolate within and as thoughts come to me I write them in journals. I have been doing this for 40 years now so I have a number of journals. I seldom go back through them to read  partially because I can’t read my awful handwriting. But more because I find it is the writing that helps me to focus on the High Self and to let the thoughts mature to completion. At the end of each session I can see that the original thought image moved into many areas that the first telepathic thought didn’t cover. I also found that my High Self has used many other sources to get the ball rolling on an idea. So it is with this caveat that I offer the following resources as potentially helpful. This is in no way an inclusive list. I have read literally thousands  of books and articles which opened doors but these I think are helpful start.

I think the best thing I can do is give you some directions to some channeled messages and books. Then you can see how they feel to you. Recognize that all channeling is a bit arbitrary. And much more important than information are the feelings you have when connecting with your home. That is what makes a solid vibratory channel between you and those who are watching over you.

Some beginning background of Star Civilizations:

Each system has developed in different ways but all the ones of light have come together in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Another interesting point is that because each Star system evolved independently of one another, they could be in different dimensions which made communication more difficult and intermarrying and offspring all but impossible.

Actually Earth was set up before Lemuria many thousands of years ago to have multidimensional DNA that would allow beings from different systems to share the same DNA and thus share the specific gifts of Spirit each system had developed as well as hybridized offspring which could vastly expand the capability of all.

Many beings from higher worlds have come here to develop that in themselves and their races. Unfortunately some darker beings (Reptilians) came and took over the Earth and stopped all that activity to enslave the indigenous Earth humans and steal Earth’s resources. This occurred in late  Atlantis about 12000 years ago. We are just coming out of that bad dream with the help of beings from many galaxies, who are both incarnated here (like you) and those in the ships and Inner Earth.All that said  I will put up some references of very good background.

  • From  Judy Satori “Sunshine before the Dawn”

Sunshine Before the Dawn is an inter-dimensional love story about a woman called Essayenya, from the fifth-dimensional star civilization of Sirius, and Mosteenya, the Lyran leader of the Galactic Council

Sunshine Before the Dawn reads and appears like a work of fiction, but it’s not!  Every word was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori by beings of light.  These loving, extraterrestrial star beings, contributed an aspect of their own DNA to the creation of a new, more evolved species of human being for Earth.  This new hu-man, or man and woman created in the image and likeness of God, has the inherent capacity within their DNA, to move beyond the confines of a third-dimensional Earth.   In previous cycles on this planet, spiritual Masters have demonstrated this and have ascended.  This story has been brought through from Spirit at this time, to prepare you for Earth ascension. With Earth’s ascension, the inherent DNA coding within us will be activated.  This is both a physical and a consciousness upgrade.  The day has come.  We are the ones from the stars.  Sunshine Before the Dawn is our story.  The words are coded.  Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here.


  • This next resource has both terrific books and much downloadable information. Books first especially The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

The Prism of Lyra

An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

(New 2011 Edition)

by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

2nd Edition (Revised) – New Material!

From Light Technology Publishing

This classic book, first published in 1989, is loved around the world and is recognized as one of the first of its kind. Channeled by world renown author and channel Lyssa Royal Holt, it explores the idea that the One Consciousness created the physical universe for specific purposes and that this One Consciousness manifests itself through many eyes – terrestrial and extraterrestrial. The result? A grand tapestry of beings, scattered throughout the galaxy, all working for the same purposes. 

What are those purposes? Who is involved? These questions and more are addressed, resulting in startling possibilities. In the new edition, we include new material that expands the original exploration in the original edition, adding depth and poignancy to our journey through the stars.

Chapters include:

  • Dimensional Infusion
  • Creation of the Galactic Family
  • Womb of Lyra
  • The Sirius Factor
  • The Winds of Orion
  • Pleiadian Cousins
  • The Gateway of Arcturus
  • Earth Inception
  • Zeta Reticuli – Transformation and Awakening
  • Integration: Coming Home to Ourselves. Part 2: A Galactic Creation Story

The Prism of Lyra traces various extraterrestrial civilizations through their own evolution and ties them back to the developing Earth. Highlighted is the realization of our galactic interconnectedness and our shared desire to return home.

Explore with us the passage through …The Prism of Lyra!

Paperback Format

$16.95 – ISBN 978-1-891824-87-6

from Light Technology Publishing


Also excellent are:

Preparing for Contact

A Metamorphosis of Consciousness

(New 2011 Edition)

by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

2nd Edition (Revised) – Loads of New Material!

From Light Technology Publishing

Visitors from Within:

Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution

(1999 Edition)

by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest 

2nd Edition – 1999

From Granite Publishing 

and Royal Priest Research


Tools for the Coming Changes

by Lyssa Royal Holt

1998 Edition

From Royal Priest Research Press


Next from same source free downloads.

see video first

Then free library

Welcome to the new web page for the Lyssa Royal material, Royal Priest Research and the SOLi School. We thank you for your patience as we complete construction on our new web page, moving all the…

Early Earth History & ET Connections

From session #101, the theme of Earth’s early history and our ET connections is explored extensively.

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ET History and Sexuality

From session #104, this transcript explores the beliefs and actions of the ETs who have influenced Earth’s people, including their practices of sexuality and relationships.

>> Download Transcript

ET Physical Characteristics

From session #108, this material is a look at genotypes and comparisons of ET genetic lines, and much more.

>> Download Transcript

Sirian Time Capsules

Exploring the Genetic Codes left within us by our forefathers. From session #166 that was recorded in Sydney, Australia.

>> Download Transcript

Integrating Galactic Heritage

From session #73, it is a look at the mental, emotional, and spiritual processes of our ET forefathers. This excerpt specifically focuses on the Zeta Reticuli species.

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ETs and Ancient Civilizations

Ancient extraterrestrial “gods” and Earth history are explored.

>> Download Transcript

World Power Spots

From session #125, the Earth’s chakra systems and major energy centers are explored.

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The Great Pyramid

From session #131, the history of the pyramid, its builders, and its original uses are explored.

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Three Eras of Zeta Reticuli Consciousness

An article that originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence that explores the three eras of Zeta consciousness that has been contacting Earth, and the awakening of humankind.

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Swimming to the Stars

From session #166 in Sydney, Australia, Lyssa channels a dolphin consciousness who speaks about the connection between humans, extraterrestrials, and dolphins.

>> Download Transcript

Reconnecting with Sirius

An exercise to share energy between humans, dolphins, and Sirius consciousness.

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Human Evolution & the ET Contact Experience

Exploring the mechanics of ET contact and how humans can evolve through the contact experience.

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Preparing for Contact

Sasha’s 7 steps for beginning contact preparation.

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Zeta Revelations

From session #85, the ET visitation and ‘abduction’ phenomena are discussed in groundbreaking ways.

>> Download Transcript

Sperm Whales

Information on the nature of Sperm Whale consciousness and making contact.

>> Download Transcript

Contact and the Power Struggle

Would shadow organizations orchestrate a fake UFO event to shape public opinion?

>> Download Transcript

Preparing for Contact – Tokyo

Preparing ourselves emotionally and spiritually for the inevitable contact

>> Download Transcript

Zeta Reticuli Update

From session #77, more intriguing information about the Zeta Reticuli is given.

>> Download Transcript


Free Articles Library

The following is a selection of downloadable articles written by Lyssa and other colleagues on a variety of topics. Note: In order to open and read these articles, you will need to have Adobe…Among the outstanding free downloads are:

The Mysteries of Okinawa and Yonaguni Island, Japan – Part 1

by Lyssa Royal Holt. This article explores Lyssa’s first journey to Okinawa (the land of ancient channels) and her visit with a local female shaman, plus her experience on Yonaguni Island – where the sunken ancient temple was found in the 1990s. She journeys there with a group and chronicles her experiences. (2005)

>> Download Article

The Mysteries of Okinawa and Yonaguni Island, Japan – Part 2

by Lyssa Royal Holt. Continuing from her journey in 2005, this article follows Lyssa through her second visit to Okinawa and Yonaguni island, and her experiences at the ancient underwater temple off of Yonaguni Island. (2007)

>> Download Article

Journey through Bali: Integration of the Dark and Light

by Lyssa Royal Holt. Lyssa chronicles her experiences in Bali during the “Pleiadian Party in Paradise” tour with teachers Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak. Included are many lessons about Balinese culture and the experiences of the group. (1998)

>> Download Article

Also loads of interesting stuff on the following pages:

Your First Contact by Sheldan Nidle  Terrrific

  •  Your Galactic Neighbors by Sheldan Nidle

In it, you will find up-to-the-minute facts on 22 off-world civilizations that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. Whether you already have a basis

of knowledge about extraterrestrial Beings, or you are just becoming aware of their existence, this book will add immeasurably to what you know.

$19.75 U.S. plus S&H again these resources are only to open some doors and let you spend time with your Higher Selves gathering more input.

Much love and blessings to each of you on your journeys. Always remember that absolutely everything you need is Within you. Your High Self, all the High Selves are completely One with the Creator of All The Universes. Beloved Prime Creator.

* The Forgotten Promise, Rejoining Our Cosmic Family, by Sherry Wilde
This is the story of one woman’s life-long interaction with beings from another world, and her journey to go beyond the fear to find meaning    and purpose. In this book she explores the abduction experience and shares with you the three important things they insisted she learn.


A Few Words from the Great Company of High Selves

A Few Words from the Great Company of High Selves

As I came out of meditation this evening,  I saw more posts about the injustices in the world. Then this burst Forth from Within.

Yes insanity and greed have prevailed at the top. But these are their last days. It is Time to focus All of our Energy in Love, Light and Abundance for All. Fixing these programs of keeping people barely alive are not what is needed. Nor are restrictions on the banking industry or politicians. The change about to occur is far far greater. It is a total change of consciousness on the Planet that will make this abhorrent past seem like an unbelievable nightmare that couldn’t possibly have ever existed.

What do we do to accelerate this change?

In each moment we fill ourselves to the brink of our capacity with Love, with Gratitude, with feelings of Great Abundance for All. We do not even slightly neglect ourselves in this process but feel the Joy of Creation. We and the Universe are Co-Creating A world of Shining Light, of Overwhelming Love and Tenderness to All That Is. We embrace in each moment the World we are creating and let go of the world we are leaving. We know how insidious it was, and we will not play its games and dramas any Longer.

We belong to the Golden Age, the Age of Light and Love. We Embrace that World with an intensity that in each moment supersedes all previous moments.


An Intuition about Esther Hicks and Abraham

An Intuition about Esther Hicks and Abraham

Not many know this. I am not even sure if Esther does. She is actually the only Incarnated Being, ever I think, from the Abraham Soul group to be in Flesh.
A tremendous gift to bring us the Wisdom and Light she does and has.

Many years ago when they met, Jerry was much older and into different self help design programs. Esther thought channeling was a bit crazy but at Jerry’s insistence, she tried it once and she was overwhelmed.

You might scan through YouTube for an early Eshter and Jerry interview where they talk about how they got started.

I felt very connected to Abraham’s information as it had been my experience without even knowing of them. I have gone through up and down spells financially but when I was a little bit up I sent their little Getting into the Vortex book and CD out to people who were in desperate trouble. Of the 50 or so I sent out, many wrote back and said how their lives had changed for the better when they used the teachings.

We saw them in Portland a number of years ago and a man I had seen in a most moving YouTube video was there and had been working for her for years .
He seated us and his energy and love really touched my Heart. This is what being with Abraham and Esther does for people.

Anyway I had always been amazed at how well Esther did LIVE channeling. Only Bashar I felt does as well. I usually meditate in the middle of the night and often get information unasked often. The Group Soul Abraham came to me and explained that Esther was really from them. The only part of them ever in the flesh. I just loved her all the more.

Thoughts about our reunions with our brothers and sisters on the ships

Thoughts about our reunions with our brothers and sisters on the ships

Like you, I have often thought about our reunions with those still in the Ships. Ironically, I am told that we will find a very special camaraderie with those who like ourselves,  took up the challenge to come in through the negative Annunaki grid into Earth bodies of much lower dimension in order to assist in this great rebirth of Gaia and the the Hue-mans.

In a sense it has been a bit like the bond warriors have with each other when they parachute into a hostile land to help free the people. You never lose that knowledge that you and your fellow Starseeds experienced something unique.

I am told that literally millions of Galactics from far distant galaxies are anxious for us to share what it was like to lose our most basic Consciousness, our conduit to the Creator. Then learn to function and succeed in manifesting Love and Light within a primarily depressed and negative environment. And do this with only the Whisper of our High Self to guide us through.

To those outside of our System that we have done this is unbelievable, unimaginable.

We shall be special to One Another Forever.